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Christadelphians value their community and operate a range of care homes across the country. Kings Norton is connected to the Kingsleigh House Christadelphian Care Home and Harbinger Court Apartments.


This brings an element of care to our service, as we strive to care for each other’s needs and design events for all our members. The wisdom and experience of our senior members is valued by all.

Christadelphians see the Bible as the only authoritative Word of God. We are Bible students, constantly reading and striving to understand its true message. It becomes our guide for daily life.


Christadelphians have no paid ministry, with duties voluntarily shared around as each member is able. Meetings are a simple affair, seeking to follow the teaching of the Bible as taught by the apostles in the first century AD.


Christadelphians worldwide use a reading chart developed ~100 years ago, as a common point for discussion while reading through the Bible each year.







Nurturing Family Values

Christadelphians are a tight-knit community, seeing each other as one family in Christ. In the uncertain society that we live, placing value on the family unit provides stability for all our members, both young and old.


Our membership includes several young families and we are committed to creating a safe environment for them to grow. The interaction across the ages causes joy on both sides. We hold a small but growing Sunday School most Sundays. Please contact us if you have children who may wish to attend.


Our young people join with nearby Christadelphians for Youth Group activities, while our older young people regularly meet with other Christadelphians across Birmingham and the UK to study, socialise and enjoy weekends away. V2_1






Caring for the Elderly

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Outreach and Welfare

The Bible Our Guide

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Caring for those in need is a central part of showing God's love.


Christadelphians run several welfare and aid programs to look after our community and God's people both in the UK and abroad.

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Over the last 150 years Christadelphians have grown to be a global community of Bible students who enjoy fellowship around the world.


Many Christadelphians travel to enjoy events and friendships, finding we share similar values and outlook wherever we meet.

Global Community

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We genuinely believe that the message of the Bible is something wonderful, providing core values to live by and a hope for the future.


Sharing the Bible's message can have a positive impact on the community.


Christadelphians undertake preaching work all over the world, passionate about sharing the hope of the Bible with all people.


The hope is available to anyone willing to read and turn to God, no matter who they are or where they live.